Are You Searching for a Wrongful Death Attorney in Alpharetta, GA?

Have you or a family member recently been a victim of a personal injury accident? Are you searching for a competent, professional wrongful death attorney?

We are here to help you

At Link & Smith, P.C., we know how devastating it is to lose a loved one, especially when the death is a result of another person’s negligence. We take great pride in delivering exceptional legal services to our clients. Our track record demonstrates the success we achieved by serving as wrongful death attorneys and personal injury cases.

Once we conclude that you have a legitimate case, we meticulously gather all evidence and utilize our legal resources to present a compelling case for the court system. This includes careful and thorough documentation regarding financial and emotional losses that you experienced as a result of personal injury or wrongful death instances. We do not want you to suffer any longer for damages accrued as a result of unfortunate wrongful death accidents.

Types of compensation

Instead, our lawyers will fight to help you recover any of the following damages due to a wrongful death incident:

  • Loss of companionship—this is tied to the emotional and psychological suffering experienced from losing your family member or spouse
  • Financial compensation—we will help you regain the compensation you deserve for related medical bills and funeral expenses
  • Punitive damages—this refers to how much the defendant should be punished for causing the victim’s deat
  • Loss of benefits—we will help you calculate how much you can be compensated for the pension/retirement benefits that the deceased victim would have earned if the accident did not occur
  • Loss of future earnings—our lawyers will also help you calculate how much the victim would have earned (salary) if they had not passed away

Our attorneys will fight for your legal rights to receive as much compensation as possible in any of the aforementioned categories.

If you or a loved one’s death was the result of another person’s negligence, we highly advise you to contact your lawyer as soon as possible. Our lawyers diligently fight for your legal rights to gain the compensation you and your family deserve.

To confidentially speak with one of our wrongful death lawyers of Alpharetta, GA, please call 404-315-8840 at anytime. We look forward to exceeding your legal expectations.

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