Vespas are Hip, but Vespa Injuries Aren’t

Face the facts: Vespas are the new trend. Although the Vespa has been around for over 50 years, it’s popularity has risen significantly. The quiet breeze of a Vespa ride is no longer overshadowed by the growl of a motorcycle, however Vespa injuries can be just as serious. If you’ve been injured in a Vespa accident, you need a personal injury lawyer.

This fashionable motor-scooter is no longer strictly a European site to see. These hip young riders are becoming more and more common on American city streets, and more people are beginning to jump on the Vespa bandwagon. The reason why these scooters are gaining popularity is simply because the Vespa has many practical benefits. The Vespa’s flat floorboards give you extra foot protection, the front flaring of the scooter gives you added wind protection, and the Vespa is much quieter than a beastly motorcycle.

Most of all, Vespas are cool. They are safer, and get better gas-mileage than a Harley, plus a Vespa rider turns heads. Despite the fact that these hip scooters have many practical and fashionable advantages over a motorcycle, both two-wheeled vehicles are prone to the same accidents. The causes of Vespa accidents are nearly identical to the causes of motorcycle accidents, and in many ways they bear the same risk of injury.

What are the causes of Vespa accidents?

  • Drivers not seeing the Vespa rider
  • Drivers turning in front of a Vespa rider
  • Vespa defects
  • Drunk drivers
  • Lack of proper safety equipment.

Don’t be afraid to be hip, but always be cautious. If you have been injured in a Vespa accident, you need a Vespa accident injury lawyer. The attorneys at Link & Smith P.C. know that Vespas are cool, but Vespa injuries aren’t. They are dedicated to representing all types of motorists, and they will give you the best legal representation while striving for the best case results.

The attorneys at Link & Smith P.C. specialize in personal injury claims, and have over 40 years of combined experience in personal injury law. They have impressive case results worth upwards of $40 million. They work strictly on a contingency basis, meaning that you don’t pay until you are paid.

In addition to Vespa accidents, these lawyers also represent clients involved in motorcycle accidents, auto-accidents, boating and jet-skiing accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, and DUI victims.

Vespas may be trendy, but Vespa injuries are not. If you have been injured in a Vespa accident, call the personal injury attorneys at Link & Smith P.C. at 404-315-8840.

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