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Tractor-trailer crash

Injured in a tractor-trailer accident?

If you’ve been injured in a tractor-trailer accident in Valdosta, GA, don’t hesitate to call our personal injury lawyers who specialize in this type of case.┬áThis city on the Georgia/Florida line is one of the busiest way-stations on Interstate 75. Thousands of tractor-trailers pass through each year, dramatically increasing the risk of deadly crashes.

Tractor-trailer accidents are some of the most hazardous incidents on the road. These types of accidents pose a greater threat simply because a bigger vehicle creates a bigger force, and a bigger force poses a greater threat to a motorist driving a smaller vehicle.

If you’ve been injured in this type of accident, you may have several questions.

Why are tractor-trailer accidents so legally complex?

  • Tractor-trailers have two parts: the cab and the trailer. These separate segments are often owned by separate companies with separate insurance providers.
  • Two different insurance providers with multiple attorneys on retainer means a greater legal hassle.

How can I protect myself?

If you’ve been injured in a big-rig accident, let an accident lawyer defend you in a court of law. Fighting a team of experienced insurance representatives is an overwhelming task. An attorney will put your mind at ease, guaranteeing the most comprehensive legal settlement possible.

Tractor-trailer drivers must abide my several rules of the road:

  • Drivers must meet certain physical requirements.
  • There are federal laws requiring drivers to carry on a certain kind of load
  • They must log how many hours they drive, and how long they are on duty.
  • After a certain number of hours, they must rest. If they do not rest, this results in driver fatigue.
  • Driver fatigue is the most common cause of deadly collisions.

Failure to adhere to these responsibilities is the most likely cause of your suffering, and with a thorough investigation by an experienced attorney, these mistakes will come to light.

Who do I call?

Mark Link and Houston Smith of Link & Smith P.C. specialize in cases involving tractor-trailer collisions. These compassionate attorneys have won cases worth upwards of $40 million, and with 40 years of experience they are the experts in Personal Injury Law. They understand the legal complexities of tractor-trailer collisions, and will give you both the representation and compensation you deserve.

Mark Link and Houston Smith are dedicated to serving the community of Valdosta, GA as well as other cities throughout the Peach State. To arrange a FREE no-obligation consultation about your case, contact us at 888-315-8840.

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