Head injury trauma can be a major cause of disability and death. Head injuries are more common than you might imagine, and can result from different types of accidents. A head injury is possibly the most severe type of personal injury that one can suffer. Head injuries can have catastrophic consequences, so if you’ve suffered a severe head injury, you need our Atlanta head injury lawyers at Link & Smith, P.C.

The most common type of severe head injuries

The most common type of severe head injury is a skull fracture. A skull fracture is defined as a fracture, break, or crack in the cranial bones. Most of the time, skull fractures result from blunt force trauma to the head, which can be caused by certain types of accidents.

The effects of severe head injuries

The top Atlanta head injury lawyers

Needless to say, brain injuries can result in disability, coma, and even death. These injuries can be a result of incidents as major as a tractor-trailer accident, or as minor as a slip and fall accident. Severe head injuries can become catastrophic brain injuries, and if you or your loved one has suffered such an injury, you need compensation that can cover your medical expenses, personal damages, and lost wages incurred from the injury.

In order to receive the most comprehensive case results, you need the top Atlanta head injury lawyers at Link & Smith, P.C. At Link & Smith, P.C., we realize how devastating this kind of an injury can be, and we are here to ease the pain as much as we can. Although no case result can erase the trauma, a monetary settlement can make your life a little easier after an injury. Monetary compensation for a head injury can cover extremely expensive medical procedures associated with brain injuries, in addition to any lifestyle changes associated with your accident.

At Link & Smith, P.C., we exclusively handle personal injury law, focusing on claims involving auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, boating and jet-ski accidents, in addition to DUI victim representation.

We work on a contingency basis, and we always offer complimentary consultations. If you’ve suffered a severe brain injury, call our top-notch Atlanta head injury lawyers today at 404-315-8840.