Safety Tips When You’re Driving Next to a Big Rig

Atlanta tractor trailer injury attorneyWhen you’re driving, one of the things that can make you extremely nervous is driving next to a big rig. Tractor trailer accidents can be extremely dangerous, so you need to be informed on how to avoid serious tractor trailer accidents and injuries, so let our Atlanta-based tractor trailer accident lawyers show you how you can avoid these accidents.

Safety Tips When Driving Next to a Big Rig

When driving next to a big rig, it’s important to follow several safety precautions in order to avoid serious accidents. Mark Link and Houston Smith, here at Link & Smith P.C., give you the following safety tips when you’re driving next to a big rig:

  • Don’t get nervous. Being nervous while you drive can cause you to make dangerous and reckless decisions. This is especially risky when driving next to a big rig.
  • Be aware of truck blind spots! Big rigs have more blind spots than any other vehicle, so realize that the big rig may not see you.
  • Watch out for tire blowouts! Tire blowouts from big rigs are extremely common, so be aware of the truck’s tires, and learn how to avoid blown out tires.
  • Because a truck is so big, it is very vulnerable to the wind. Be aware that wind conditions can cause a truck to swerve or become unstable.
  • Learn how to pass a big rig. Passing a big rig requires you to be very focused. Pass a big rig as fast as possible, and hug the other side of the road. If you stay focused, you should be fine.
  • Realize that trucks make WIDE turns. Watch out for a truck that’s turning, and avoid getting in its way.

If you would like to learn more about truck accidents to better ensure your safety, please visit our tractor trailer information page.

Trustworthy Truck Attorneys

Just because you’ve taken the proper safety precautions does not mean that you won’t fall victim to a georgia tractor trailer injury attorneystractor-trailer accident. Truckers can make mistakes or be careless themselves, and if this accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

If you live in Georgia, it’s important to choose a high-quality truck attorney for your accident, and the lawyers at Link & Smith P.C. would be happy to help you! They have years of experience in handling truck accidents, and they will be able to get you the very best monetary compensation possible.

If you would like a complimentary consultation with our attorneys, please call Link & Smith P.C. today at 404-315-8840.

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