Injuries on Public Property: Our Atlanta Attorneys are Here for You

Public property injury lawyersWhen most people think of personal injuries, they think of tractor-trailer accidents, serious car accidents, and similar types of cases. However, one very common type of personal injury is called a premises liability (often referred to as a trip and fall) injury and it occurs on public property.

This type of injury occurs when someone trips on a crack in the sidewalk, falls on a faulty piece of flooring, or another similar circumstance. Since these types of injuries occur on public property, many individuals are not sure what course of action they should take to ensure compensation for their injuries. Below we have highlighted 3 tips to consider if you have been injured on public property:

Steps to take

1. The first step is to seek immediate medical attention for any injuries sustained. Whether you may have broken an arm, leg, or experienced a more serious problem (such as a potential concussion), it is important to visit the emergency room immediately following a serious injury.

2. Document all injuries and details of the accident. If you have suffered an injury on public property, it is important to make note of the circumstances surrounding your accident. Get a friend or a family member to document the scene of the accident, including photos or video footage of where the injury occurred. The more evidence that is documented, the better your lawyer will be able to represent your case.

3. Hire an experienced personal injury attorney. It is important that your lawyer has experience dealing with premises liability injury cases. Injury cases that take place on public property require very specific knowledge that an injury attorney must possess in order to represent your case accurately and effectively.

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If you have suffered an injury on public property, then call our injury lawyers. With our combined 40+ years of experience, we will get you the settlement or jury award that you deserve.

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