personal injury typical settlementIt’s a valid question, and one that we hear all of the time: “How much is my case worth?” If you or a loved one have recently been injured in an accident at the fault of another party, then chances are it has crossed your mind as well.

We want you to know that it’s okay to think like this. It’s not greedy. It’s not inappropriate. It just means you want to know how your needs are going to be met regarding medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and so on.

Each Personal Injury Case is Different: No Two are the Same

When it comes to personal injury settlements, there are a variety of factors that can determine the outcome of the case. We (or any other law firm for that matter) cannot tell you with any level of certainty what your case is worth. However, what we can do is share with you several of the factors that are often taken into consideration during settlement negotiations.

Here are 5 factors that can influence your settlement, either positively or negatively.

#1. How Obvious is the Liability?

Proving that another party was negligent and at fault is without a doubt critically important with regards to the outcome of your personal injury case. If liability is difficult to prove, then the chances of a case going to court dramatically increase.

If liability is easily proven, then there is roughly a 95% chance that the case will settle without ever going to trial, which is good news for you!

#2: How Serious are the Injuries Sustained as a Result of the Accident?

In most circumstances, a hefty personal injury settlement generally means that catastrophic injuries, or even death, occurred as a result of the negligent party. If your case involves a serious case of bruised elbow or whiplash, then you likely are not going to see a hefty settlement (unless there is long term spinal damage or similar consequences).

#3: What are the Medical Costs, Including any Needed Long-Term Care?

This is very important. Medical expenses are a key piece of the puzzle when putting a finite value on a personal injury claim. If someone racks up hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars in medical expenses, then these may be covered as part of a personal injury settlement.

In addition to the medical expenses that have occurred to date, our personal injury attorneys will also forecast future necessary medical expenses that will be needed for the lifetime of the injured individual.

#4: Have Wages Been Lost? Has Future Earning Potential Been Compromised?

If a person is not able to work as a result of an accident, then the person at fault can be held liable for lost wages in the present and in the future. This is a critical factor. If the ability to work has been compromised it will likely increase the value of your personal injury settlement.

#5: Strength of Witness Testimony

Did the accident have witnesses? If an accident was witnessed by 10 people, and the story from each witness is consistent, then it is likely that liability will not be in question, and there is a good chance for a settlement.

On the other hand, if there were no witnesses and liability is not clearly evident, then the case has a greater chance of going to trial.

So What is the Next Step for Me?

Regardless of your situation, if you or a loved one has recently been injured in a personal injury accident then we encourage you to contact our office today, and schedule your consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys. If you’d like to know more about our past work, you can see our case results here.

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