The unfortunate myth of “full coverage” car insurance — please check your car insurance after reading this post. Georgia law requires that all automobiles have insurance. The insurance required is liability insurance in case the car’s driver causes a wreck and injures someone or damages someone else’s property.
When insurance agents sell car insurance, they will often sell the least expensive policy possible — who wants to pay for something they probably won’t use, right? — and so agents will sell a policy that fully complies with the minimum liability limits required under Georgia law and tell their clients that they have “full coverage.”

As a lawyer who has helped victims of car accident cases for more than twenty (20) years, I hate to hear when a client tells me that they have “full coverage.” Full coverage most often means liability limits of $25,000 per person / $50,000 per occurrence and $25,000 for property damage.

While $25,000 in liability insurance sounds like a lot, the reality is that a moderate or serious collision can result in injuries that warrant a recovery of $100,000 or more. If you have only $25,000 liability insurance and cause a wreck with serious injuries, there is the possibility that your own assets (bank accounts, IRA accounts, other property) could be at risk. At my law firm Link & Smith, P.C., we recommend to clients, friends and family that they carry liability limits of *at least* $100,000 per person / $250,000 per occurrence. We also recommend that UM limits be the same.

If you have any questions about your auto insurance, please message me on FB or call me and I will be happy to discuss and explain what coverage you have.

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