Have You Been Injured on Public Property? Do You Need a Lawyer?

Public Property Injury LawyerEach year over 300,000 people are seriously injured on public property. Most of these injuries occur from slip-and-fall accidents, and sometimes lead to disability. If you’ve been injured on public property, you may be entitled to a personal injury claim. However, in order to receive the best compensation for your claim, you need a personal injury lawyer!

Public property injuries, also called premises liability injuries, are not uncommon. Most of these result from negligence on the part of the proprietor. Hazardous conditions on public property can cause serious injuries, and are often unexpected. Any time a proprietor has been negligent, they are the at-fault party.

What to do immediately after your injury

  • After you seek medical attention, the first thing you should do is document the circumstances of the accident. Note where the hazard occurred, and if it was the result of proprietor negligence. Witnesses can help you take photographs of the hazard, and give statements regarding the injury.
  • The more evidence you collect, the more likely you are to receive substantial monetary compensation. Monetary compensation resulting from a personal injury can cover medical expenses, personal damages, and lifestyle changes caused by the accident.
  • Because you have been injured in a public place, as opposed to a private establishment, the legal process can be more complex. You need to hire an injury lawyer with the knowledge required to represent your case to the utmost extent.
  • A personal injury lawyer can investigate your case, give you legal advice, draft legal documents, and represent your case in court. All of these things will lead to a more substantial case result.

Contact us today for your consultation

  • The veteran trial lawyers at Link & Smith P.C. have over 40 years of combined experience in personal injury law. They understand the complexities of public property injury claims, and will adequately represent your case in court. These lawyers have impressive case results, helping some clients receive monetary compensation worth upwards of $40 million.

If you have been injured on public property, you need a personal injury attorney who will help you receive the justice your deserve! You need the experienced lawyers at Link & Smith P.C. These lawyers are invested in your individual success, and will help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injury. For a complementary consultation, call Link & Smith P.C. at 404-315-8840.

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