Finding a Tractor Trailer Injury Attorney in Columbus, GA

If you have been injured in a tractor-trailer accident in Columbus, GA, you need an injury lawyer. This type of injury occurs on busy interstates and Interstate 85.

These accidents are extremely dangerous and often deadly. A tractor-trailer accident can also lead to serious personal injuries, yet oftentimes the big-rig driver is the party at fault. There are many complicated factors which play into a claim. The easiest way to handle a case such as this is to hire an injury lawyer.

A lawyer will help you sift through the complexities of this particular legal process. Tractor-trailer accident claims are complicated because of the way in which the owners handle their insurance. The two parts of an 18-wheeler, the cab and the trailer, are often owned by different companies. When two owners are involved in a claim, two insurance companies are also involved in a claim.

These insurance companies have lawyers on retainer, ready to fight the victim at a moment’s notice. This can be a nightmare for individuals who choose to represent themselves in a court of law. An attorney will fight for your rights as a victim, so you don’t have to deal with the stress of court during your time of need. The tractor-trailer injury attorneys at Link & Smith P.C. are ready to save you the hassle of court and help you get the monetary compensation you deserve.

How can an injury attorney help me?

  • Lawyers understand that drivers must meet certain responsibilities.These responsibilities include meeting certain physical requirements, logging their hours, and taking time to rest. Failure to rest results in driver fatigue, and driver fatigue is the most common cause of big-rig accidents.
  • A personal injury lawyer will keep your best interests in mind. These big insurance companies are only invested in profit, whereas the lawyers at Link & Smith P.C. are invested in you. They work on a contingency basis, so they do not receive compensation until you do.
  • Mark Link and Houston Smith have over 40 years of combined experience, and they have a track record that speaks for itself. The attorneys at Link & Smith P.C. have won cases upwards of $40 million.

They specialize in more than just tractor-trailer accidents. They also handle claims involving motorcycle accidents, auto-accidents, texting-and-driving accidents, and DUI victim representation.

If you have been injured in a tractor-trailer accident, call us at Link & Smith P.C. for a complimentary consultation at 404-315-8840.

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