Finding a Quality Tractor-Trailer Injury Lawyer in Roswell, GA

If you are a Roswell, GA resident who has been the victim of a tractor-trailer accident, contact a tractor-trailer injury lawyer immediately. Atlanta residents deserve the best legal representation possible, especially in regard to the legal complications of tractor-trailer accidents. If you have been injured in this type of accident, don’t hesitate to contact the personal injury lawyers at Link & Smith P.C.

What makes a tractor-trailer accident so legally complicated?

  • Tractor trailers have two parts: the cab and the trailer. Oftentimes, these sections are owned by separate companies with separate insurance agencies.
  • Dealing with two insurance companies with two teams of legal representatives can be an immense task.
  • Large companies such as these have lawyers on retainer, ready to fight the victim at a moment’s notice.

What can my lawyer do to fight for my case?

Your lawyer understands the requirements that these drivers must meet in order to drive safely on the road. Failure to adhere to these responsibilities makes the driver the faulted party.

  • Drivers are legally required to log how many hours they drive per day, and how often they rest.
  • Failure to rest leads to driver fatigue. Driver fatigue is the most common cause of 18-wheeler accidents.
  • Federal laws dictate the amount and type of load a driver is allowed to carry.
  • Drivers must meet certain physical requirements in order to be eligible to get behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer.

Your lawyer will investigate this type of case to the utmost degree, and if these responsibilities have not been met by the driver, you are much more likely to win your settlement.

The tractor-trailer injury lawyers at Link & Smith P.C. are more than qualified to represent this type of case. They have over 40 years of combined experience. They specialize in all types of personal injury cases including motorcycle accidents, auto-accidents, texting-and-driving accidents, and DUI victim representation.

They have won cases worth upwards of $40 million, and they are dedicated to the individual. They have a sense of empathy, and they know that the most important aspect of your case is your personal needs.

Because these lawyers work exclusively on a contingency basis, they are not paid until you are paid, therefore their personal interest in a claim resides in you.

If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler accident, you need one of the Roswell injury lawyers at Link & Smith P.C. for a complimentary consultation.

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