Injured in an Auto Accident on I-75? Contact our Injury Lawyers

Interstate 75 is one of the busiest freeways in the entire country, as it stretches from South Florida all the way north to the Michigan/Canada border. One of the busiest areas of I-75 is known as the “downtown connector” where interstates 75 & 85 merge in downtown Atlanta, GA. Not only is this area a nightmare for rush hour traffic, but the incredible volume of traffic causes many automobile accidents, with a significant portion resulting in personal injury.

If you have been injured in an automobile, tractor-trailer, or motorcycle accident, then it is important to call a personal injury lawyer immediately to discuss your case.

Here are a few things you should ask a lawyer before hiring them:

3 things to ask your auto accident injury lawyer

1. How much does it cost to get started? At Link & Smith, P.C., we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we don’t get paid unless you do. This way, we make it easy for people to hire us. It’s a simple formula: You only pay if we are able to win or settle your case.

2. Will you go to court if my case requires this? Many attorneys simply want to settle out of court, and if that doesn’t happen they will not go to court and fight for you. At Link & Smith, P.C. we will go to court and fight hard to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

3. What if I am injured, and unable to come to your office? We have over 40 years of combined experience as injury lawyers, and in that time we have met clients whenever and wherever we had to in order to sit down and discuss the case. If you cannot come to us, we will come see you.

Give us a call today

Hiring Link & Smith, P.C. is extremely easy. All you have to do is pick up the phone, and call us today. We are here to fight for your legal rights!

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