Texting and Driving: The Newest Threat to Motorists

Over the last several years, a new threat has emerged on the road. That threat is texting and driving. Because this threat is so new, both law enforcement officials, state officials, and injury lawyers are trying to find the best strategies to prevent texting and driving accidents, and bring justice to those who cause texting […]

Texting and Driving Conviction: Avoid Arrest!

You may have heard about the dangers of texting and driving, and the new laws which are being enacted across the country to prohibit this practice. Every day, drivers across the country are suffering fatal accidents and personal injuries related to texting and driving. With these new laws being enacted, drivers who text can now […]

Drinking, Driving, and Texting: A Deadly Combination

You probably already know that drinking and driving is a deadly choice, and you probably already know that texting and driving can cause catastrophic injuries. However, the combination of the two is deadly. Surprisingly, this deadly combination occurs more often than you would think. In fact, a recent case in Paris, Maine involved several teenagers […]

Finding an Injury Lawyer in Destin, FL

If you are a resident of Destin, FL you are used to the sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, this calming sense of life can be interrupted by tragic occurrences. Personal injuries are commonplace, and more often than not, fault does not lie with the injured party. […]

Are You a Good Driver? The Following Statistics Don’t Lie

The following graphic is brought to you courtesy of carinsurancecomparision.org. Many of these statistics are absolutely jaw-dropping, and it’s evident why so many accidents occur each and every year on American roadways. What these statistics do not tell you about are the many victims who do not know where to turn when they (or a […]

Need an Atlanta Attorney for Texting Accidents?

Are you or a loved one suffering from a personal injury due to a texting while driving accident? Are you searching for an Atlanta attorney who will competently represent your case? Link & Smith, P.C. personal injury firm is a great choice for texting accident attorneys. Injury attorneys are often called upon to represent texting […]