Antoinette McDaniels Testimonial after being seriously injured by a drunk driver and represented by Link & Smith, P.C.

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  • When I got hit by a plumber’s commercial van in 2005 and ended up with over 75,000 in medical bills, I called one of the lawyers I saw on tv. They seemed very interested in my case, but not in me. The attorney I spoke with treated me like a child and wouldn’t return my calls or call me until a few days before a deposition. He litterally had a 6 week call back rate! Four months in, I finally decided that if he was too busy to talk to me or even e-mail me back for several days/weeks at a time, he was way too busy to give my case the attention needed to ensure the best verdict. Obviously I need this money and am not going to risk him doing a half ass job! I went to another smaller law firm that my neighbor recommended and was treated much more humanely, to say the least. Link & Smith are by far the most helpful, understanding, and skilled lawyers I’ve ever met. They were fair and were able to get me much more than I expected from the insurance company. They understood how important the outcome of this was to me and how much I depended on them getting me what I was owed. Overall I couldn’t ask for more from a lawyer.
  • I am a victim of a hit and run driver and I suffered multiple large wounds, a broken pelvis, crushed L2, a subsequent infection which required another surgery and IV antibiotics and yet another surgery almost a year later. Mr. Link was highly recommended to me by a healthcare professional and this was certainly a worthy recommendation. Mr. Link was totally knowledgable about what needed to be done and, with little assistance from me, went about the business of doing it. He and his office have always been available to me if I had any questions and kept me informed as to what was occuring and what to expect. A great deal of stress and anguish in my life was prevented because of Mr. Link’s compassion, knowledge and proficiency at what he does. I have worked in the legal field for over 15 years and Mr. Link is one of the most honest and approachable attorneys I have met, as well as a fine human being. Thank you so much Mr. Link for your compassion and totally thorough work.¬†Brooks [Last Name Removed]
  • Houston kept me well informed throughout the process. He fought hard form me and remained calm and patient. I feel I could trust Houston with any problem. With his guidance and expertise, he always points me in the right direction. I would recommend Houston to any of my friends who need a lawyer.
  • Mr. Smith really made a very big difference when I got him involved after a bad car accident. Without his advice, I would have accepted a much lower settlement from the insurance company. He sure opened my eyes about things I’d never even thought to consider. In the end, he protected me from taking a much too low settlement offer. I liked that he was always quickly responsive when I had questions and never made me feel like I was asking dumb questions. He was always easy to get in touch with.
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