A Great Personal Injury Attorney in Gainesville, GA

If you’ve suffered from a personal injury in Gainesville, GA, you need a personal injury attorney with your best interests in mind. In this meto-Atlanta city, residents may feel as if personal injuries are not a hazard, however a personal injury can occur at any place at any time.

For residents who have suffered personal injuries, it is important to realize the stresses of self-representation in court. The process of representing yourself in a personal injury claim is an immense hassle, and dealing with claims procedures is the last thing an injured person should have to deal with during a time of trial.

Choosing to hire a personal injury lawyer will save you time and money, and the injury attorneys at Link & Smith P.C. are on your side!

What can a personal injury lawyer do for me?

  • Without a personal injury attorney, the insurance company will settle the claim as quickly as possible, giving you as little money as possible. An attorney will fight for your rights, and get you the compensation you deserve.
  • An injury lawyer will sift through the complex legalese, taking care of many aspects of the claims process so you can focus on your individual needs.
  • An attorney can help you receive compensation needed to cover your medical expenses, personal damages, and lifestyle changes caused by your injury.

Why should I choose Link & Smith P.C. to handle my claim?

  • Mark Link and Houston Smith have over 40 years of combined experience, so they have the knowledge and expertise to get you the most comprehensive results possible.
  • The lawyers at Link & Smith P.C. have an impressive track record. They have settled claims worth upwards of $40 million.
  • The firm of Link & Smith P.C. exclusively practices personal injury law, so they have the focus needed to handle your claim in the most timely and comprehensive manner.
  • They work strictly on a contingency basis, meaning that you don’t pay until you get the compensation you deserve.

The attorneys at Link & Smith P.C. handle a variety of personal injury claims including motorcycle accidents, auto-accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, texting-and-driving accidents, and DUI victim representation. Regardless of what your legal needs may be, the lawyers of Link & Smith P.C. are here to meet them.

If you have suffered a personal injury, and need a Gainesville, GA injury lawyer call the law offices of Link & Smith P.C. today at 404-315-8840.

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